Fifth Grade Homework Expectations

Fifth Grade
Homework Expectations

What is the Purpose of the homework?
● The purpose of 5th grade homework is to complete unfinished work by the next class day for learning to continue during class.
● The purpose of 5th grade homework is to provide an occasional extension of a project in a subject.

How Much Homework?
● 5th grade students are expected to practice the basic multiplication and division math facts flashcards nightly until mastery (90%) is reached.
● 5th grade students are expected to read a book of their choice for 20 minutes each evening.

How can you help your child?
● 5th grade parents can help their child practice the basic math facts flashcards nightly.
● 5th grade parents are encouraged to review their child’s daily assignments by discussing the day’s tasks with their child and/or reviewing their child’s planner.

How does homework fit into grades?
● 5th grade daily homework is expected to be completed and supervised in order for students to achieve their highest potential on unit assessments in the classroom.

How will homework and class assignments be communicated?
● 5th grade assessments are shared with parents electronically by email.  Many assignments, quizzes, reminders and requests are also shared with parents via email.
● 5th grade students fill out their planners. It is the responsibility of the student  to complete their planner each day.