Fourth Grade Homework Expectations

Fourth Grade
Homework Expectations

What is the Purpose of the homework?
We believe that homework should be assigned to reinforce the concepts that have been introduced and worked on during the day. In addition, we believe that a component of this is memorization of facts.

How Much Homework?
We believe that fourth grade students should spend 20 minutes reading each night. Additionally, math homework may be assigned (not to exceed 30 minutes). Homework in other subjects may be assigned with varying due dates, as well.

How can you help your child?
We believe that parents should monitor the completion of homework and should assist their child as necessary. We want our parents to support our students in the process of learning, not the product.

How does homework fit into grades?
We believe that homework is an extension of what is taught in class. The extra practice helps reinforce learning. Homework will not be a factor in determining grades, with the exception of the responsibility portion of the Successful Learner Behaviors.

How will homework and class assignments be communicated?
We believe it is the responsibility of each student to write homework assignments in the daily planner.  After students complete homework, it is their responsibility to show parents.  Once parents have verified that homework is complete, a parent signature can be placed in the planner acknowledging the student has completed their daily responsibility. Additionally, every attempt will be made to send out reminders electronically to parents each week.