Second Grade Homework Expectations

Second Grade
Homework Expectations

Purpose: To practice lessons/skills /concepts taught at school and to complete unfinished work.

How Much Homework: Amount of homework is dependent upon the lesson.


Purpose: To become a proficient reader.

How Much Homework: Second grade students are expected to read a total of 15 minutes nightly. Complete "Backpack Pages" 4 nights per week and return to school daily. 

How Can You Help: Be an active listener, share a conversation about the story and make connections to the text. Check your child's folder daily for any Backpack Pages, Math homework, etc. and oversee their completion and return to school daily.

How Does Homework Fit into Grades: Daily reading builds a strong reading foundation.

How will Homework and class assignments be communicated: Parents should expect Backpack Pages to come home 4 days per week in your child's folder.  If your child did not finish the assigned work during their math class it becomes homework. Your child will write a capital "H" on top of the page if it needs to be completed and returned to school the next day.