First Grade Homework Expectations

First Grade
Homework Expectations

Math Homework Expectations

First Grade students may be receiving practice papers from our new resource, Ready Math. These are intended to be practice and review, as they are an extension from what was taught during day. When these practice papers come home, we encourage parents to check their child’s work and have a “math talk” about the concepts. Students who choose to return these practice papers will receive a Class Dojo point for responsibility.  This is NOT a part of the child’s math grade.  

Reading Homework Expectations

First Grade students should read for fifteen minutes each day. The purpose of reading at home is to practice the reading strategies taught in class, develop fluency, and foster a love of reading. Throughout the year, various materials from the Superkids reading program will be sent home for students to read; however, students are also encouraged to read books they choose independently.  This is NOT a part of the child’s reading grade.